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Mark Hickmott ~ Royal London Yacht Club

Thank you so much for a wonderfully entertaining and informative talk given post Gentleman’s Lunch on Friday 27th November 2015.

As you were aware we had a good number of guests and namely two from Horse Guards London which really contributed to a lively lunch for all.

We will never forget the somewhat unorthodox start to the talk. That classic shot of Ursula Andress walking out of the sea with the James Bond theme tune introducing your adventure from Fixed Bayonets to King George the VI Falls in Guyana. It certainly got everybody's attention.

Once again many thanks on behalf of The Royal London yacht Club for your great talk.

Yours kindly

Mark Hickmott

Captain of Cruising, General Committee and Sailing Committee

John Martin - MV Balmoral Cruise ship

Patrick's title Explorer and Adventurer is a real crowd puller and his talk titles are well thought out and appealing. The content of his presentations was good and they were well attended. A good speaker who we would welcome back.

Peter Hodgson - Chairman ~ Vectis Historic Automobile Club

Dear Patrick,


I would like to record our grateful thanks for your attention grabbing and nostalgic talk on the classic and vintage cars owned by your family over the years, together with the photographic illustrations and film of your time racing in the Morgan.


Our members found these most interesting and we look forward to when we can engage you again for another of your various talks.


Yours Sincerely,


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