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Since his early years growing up in Herefordshire, Patrick has had a passion for shooting. This has continued throughout his life. This talk follows Patrick's many gun-toting adventures from his army days hunting Cayman alligators in the Amazon, to working behind-the-lines in Vietnam with the singlepoint gunsight alongside the Australian and New Zealand special forces. Patrick later set up Gunmark, one of the largest gun distributors in Europe and also became an expert in the field of Classic shotguns. In between building up this resumé Patrick travelled the world in search of exhilarating shooting. His many anecdotes make for a humorous and insightful tour of a world few have had the chance to experience. 

The talk includes:

  • Growing up the son of an MI6 spy.

  • Representing GB in NATO and CENTO competition.

  • Caymans, bushmasters & hornets and other unlikely quarry.

  • Blow & arrows, and deadly blow pipes, replace barrels.

  • Behind-the-lines in Vietnam with the Singlepoint gun sight.

  • Setting up the largest gun distributor in the UK.

  • Adventures around the world, including flying over the spectacular Mt Roraima.


Lock, Stock & Barrel

From high birds in Hereford to behind-the-lines in Vietnam

~ A lifetime of gun-toting adventure

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