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Winning the British Thoroughbred championship & a life in Classic cars

After Patrick Keen left the Royal Hampshire Regiment he took up motor racing. His Commanding Officer suggested that he carried the regimental colours on his cars during his eight year racing career. In the first 24 hour race at Snetterton in his Morgan + 8, he beat the legendary Stirling Moss. He went on to win the British Sports Car Championship, out right, racing the famous Le Mans Morgan, TOK 258. Other cars he raced included the Lotus 30 (similar to the one in which Jim Clark won the Indiapolis race in America) and a Lagonda M45 that he raced at Brooklands. He has many epic stories including driving Ian Botham around Goodwood in a Morgan and taking on Eric Carlson in his Saab turbo. In conclusion he offers his advice on investing in classic cars.


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