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Shortly after leaving Sandhurst Patrick joined the Royal Hampshire Regiment in Georgetown Guyana. After helping to quell the riots Patrick led a 700 mile expedition into the depths of the unexplored Amazon jungle to reach the 740 ft. King George VI Falls, at the time, the highest known waterfalls in the world. Two previous expeditions from the Black Watch and Cambridge University had failed in their attempts. Patrick's illustrated and lively talk covers the major problems his men faced on their expedition to reach the fall, from crossing dangerous rivers to dealing with jungle navigation without maps, not to mention some narrow escapes with bushmasters and piranhas. His tale recounts how they came across indigenous Amerindians who had never seen white men before and Patrick spent time with them as they hunted with bows and arrows and deadly blow pipes. The talk also covers and illustrates the wide variety of wildlife they encountered from huge bird eating spiders, vampire bats, anacondas and Cayman alligators.


Entertaining and action-packed Amazon adventure

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